Vivien Elizabeth Armour is a Trinidadian artist, residing in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Currently finishing her BFA in Fine Arts and Community Engagement at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vivien uses her extensive background in The Arts to inform her practice and social engagement. Before expanding her artistic practice to include Visual and Fine Arts, Vivien studied and worked in Theatre, Film, and Music, for which she has been recognized in multiple publications from her home country, Trinidad and Tobago.

Vivien’s current work often incorporates her multidisciplinary and mixed media skill set within her art practice and material exploration, taking inspiration from her multicultural background, diverse ethnic influences, and exploring how these aspects of her experience resonate in a western, contemporary context.

Coming from a family of lawyers and community development workers, and having travelled the world from a young age with her mother, a Conflict Resolution and Developmental Strategist with the United Nations, Vivien is particularly interested in exploring the way in which communities and cultures inter-relate and the tensions and new opportunities that incur.

Born of a multi ethnic and multi national Caribbean background, Vivien is highly influenced by the complex history of the Caribbean, its folklores, various cultures and how the history of slavery, indentured labourship and colonisation in the Caribbean are both critiqued and celebrated through a myriad of cultural festivals and art forms.

In her recent work, Vivien explores the relationships between culture, race and geopolitical influences on identity. Vivien is fascinated with how all of  these complex factors influence both personal and community expression and how the arts can be a tool for understanding alternative therapies in a complex, and ever expanding, interconnected world.